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UC San Diego Figure Skating

Intercollegiate and recreational figure skating at UC San Diego

Welcome to the Figure Skating @ UCSD website. Navigate around to get to know us, learn about how to join the team, and inquire about sponsorship and partnership opportunities.


United By Ice

Passion for the sport, love for our team

We are are student-run organization dedicated to creating a supportive, fun, and inclusive community of UC San Diego students who are passionate about figure skating. Our competitive team competes in United States Figure Skating sanctioned intercollegiate competitions and our social team participates in local events, both of which we encourage the participation of skaters of all levels and experience. Our love for figure skating brings us together as a team, but our love for each other makes us a family.

Meet the team

2023- 2024 Officers


Frequently Asked Questions

Ask and You Shall Receive

can i join if i have never skated before?

Absolutely! Since here are 2 components to our team, social and competitive, all levels of skaters are welcome! When we are looking to pair you with a Big, express your interest in learning how to skate so we can pair you with a skating buddy!

Do you have a coaching staff?

We do not have a coaching staff for our team. Members of our team often help each other on sessions they attend together, but some skaters independently invest in their own coaching outside of the team.

How Can I Join The Team?

Simply go to Membership or Join Our Team buttons to learn about how to join! In addition you can always email us at or message us on Facebook @ UCSD Figure Skating in order to find out more!

Can you teach me how to skate?

While we encourage all levels of skaters to join our organization and we enjoy helping each other with technique and choreography, we do not openly offer official lessons.

What are the fees?

Fee for membership is $25, which covers the cost of some socials and your own personalized team UCSD Figure Skating shirt! Outside funds need to be provided for ice time, competition fees, and travel costs. Fortunately we conduct multiple fundraisers every year and have received extensive funding every year from UCSD which helps us send every Triton who wants to compete to Colorado, Berkeley, or wherever else we happen to compete.

What type of equipment is required?

We do not require that skaters purchase their own skates, but it is highly recommended. Rental skates are not allowed on freestyles and it's always best to have your own if you are looking to continue skating long term!

Where can I buy equipment?

Many Pro Shops in the rinks in the area provide skate fitting and purchasing services.

Do you hold team practices?

We do not have formal team practices which require attendance. Instead we have a sophisticated set of carpool groups. You will group with skaters who all skate consistently at the same time as you wish to skate, and will carpool and/or bus with them to and from practices. You are responsible for communication with your skating groups if you are unable to make a session that day. Skaters also practice alone if they wish or if no one can carpool with them.

When do you compete and where?

We are an Intercollegiate US Figure Skating Association team and thus we compete on the Intercollegiate circuit. We are in the Western division, competing all over California and Colorado. Typically we will compete in Berkeley, CA, San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Colorado Spring, CO, or Denver, CO. We have three competitions per season and one more if we qualify for Nationals. For more updated information about this year's schedule visit US Figure Skating's page on Intercollegiate Team Skating. 

How do you guys compete? Solo? As a team?

USFSA Intercollegiate Team Skating is like a track meet, where all of our skaters compete on their own in their own events, skating solo like you would in regular USFSA competitions, but where you place contributes to your school team point total. There are free skates, short program, long program, solo dance, and team maneuver events.


Support from Sponsors and Volunteers

Event Sponsor

Philanthropy, Exposure, Community

Biannually UC San Diego Figure Skating hosts Ride the Tide, an intercollegiate competition. At this competition we graciously provide gifts for competitors, judges, and volunteers. Many of these gifts are from members of our own community such as Starbucks, Which Wich, and Einstein Bros. Bagels. We greatly appreciate the donations from these and in return we offer advertising opportunities on our website and our social media. Inquire about opportunities for your business to sponsor Ride the Tide, UCSD Figure Skating Skate Nights, or other public events! 

Hands In
Figure Skating

Team Sponsor

Support Athletic Students of Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Scholarship

When you become a Team Sponsor, you give UC San Diego Figure Skating the financial tools it needs to fly to competitions in Colorado, train like champions here in San Diego, and study like scholars wherever they go. Communicate your message to a wider audience on our social media and website and heighten your businesses’ reach while supporting women and men of integrity, scholarship, and athleticism.


We can't do it alone

We would like to formally acknowledge San Diego Ice Arena and the San Diego Figure Skating Club for assisting us in hosting Ride the Tide.


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